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Our custom formula Skin Repair does exactly that. With a combination of natural peptide infusion our highly developed cream repairs skin at an accelerated pace aiding in all areas of your skin recovery! Most popular in the tattoo aftercare market for its ability to reduce inflammation, regenerate skin cell growth aswell providing added Cell damage support!


Rapid Skin Repair


Key Features 


  • Peptide infused 
  • Repairs Damaged Cells 
  • Skin Hydrate and Moisturise
  • Vitamin E and A
  • Peptide Infusion
  • Attacks damaged skin immediately
  • UV Protection
  • Part of our climate positive range ( read more )


Application Guide - For use on all skin types. Work cream into skin on damaged areas, after tattoo procedure, use frequently to keep your skin hydrated whilst repairing skin cells.

Use - After procedure/damaged dry skin/skin conditions

Super Shea Skincare - Rapid Skin Repair

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